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The FDA continues to talk about the dangers of sleep positioners and other products that make specific claims to “prevent SIDS”.   At first glance, it seems like an over-reaction to a small number of accidental suffocation deaths – 13.  However, the number is actually much higher.  Unfortunately, many babies die with unsafe products like bumpers and positioners in the crib with them, but those deaths are not reported to the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) or the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) because the product has been considered “normal” in the babies crib environment.

Despite the warnings, many parents continue to use these dangerous comforts.  Many parents equate “softness” with “comfort” and inadvertently put their babies at risk.

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I have been warning parents for several years that sleep positioners are not safe in the infant sleep environment.  Finally, the Consumer Product Safety Commission and the Food & Drug Administration have issued their own warning.

If you have an infant or you know anyone that cares for infants (especially less than four months old), please pass this information along.

Deaths prompt CPSC, FDA warning on infant sleep positioners.

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