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Preventing something that does not have a clear cause is difficult.  However there are proven risk reduction strategies that can help parents and caregivers to significantly reduce an infant’s risk of dying.  Borchardt Consulting offers comprehensive information on practical steps that parents and the professionals who work with them can use to reduce the likelihood of a sleep related death for infants.    

Safe Sleep for Infants

  • Sleep Position – Back Only for Night and Naptime
  • Bedding – In an uncluttered Crib, Alone, with No Soft Bedding.
  • Never put baby to sleep in an Adult Bed or on a couch.
  • Temperature – Never overheat baby.  Sleep baby in a well-ventilated room.
  • Smoke Free Environment before and after birth
  • Doctor or Clinic visits for Baby
  • Pre-natal care for Mom
  • Breastfeeding if possible
  • Use a Pacifier between 1 mo and 1 year.

Classes are offered to groups for $20 per participant and a minimum of 10 attendees in the Chicagoland area.  For more information contact Pam Borchardt at

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