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Borchardt Consulting educates parents, childcare providers and other professionals who work with the parents of infants in order to reduce the possibility of a sleep related death.  We are passionately dedicated to saving babies – one crib at a time.  Pam Borchardt created the first train the trainer program for Childcare Providers in the country nearly 15 years ago.  Since that time, she served as Executive Director – Operations and Bereavement of Sudden Infant Death Services of Illinois, Inc.  In that capacity, she developed more educational programs and trained more than 15,000 childcare providers and other professionals.

Borchardt worked closely with the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) to write childcare licensing standards that are among the best in the country.  As a result of that partnership, Illinois was the first state to forbid bumpers in the infant crib.  As research has  progressed, the Illinois childcare licensing has continued to improve.  In January 2011, all prospective childcare providers were required to take a SIDS/Safe Sleep class prior to receiving their license.  Later that same year, Borchardt was instumental in getting a new law passed to require licensed providers to get SIDS/Safe Sleep/SUID training every three years in order to maintain their license.
While we do not yet have the physical cause of some sleep related deaths, we have sufficient research to know that many of these deaths can be prevented with education for the caregiver.  We have steadily reduced the number of preventable deaths in Illinois.  It is the goal of Borchardt Consulting to educate anyone who has an infant in his or her life in the latest safe sleep techniques.
We educate.  We advocate.  We inform.

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