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Well, Back in My Day…. Advice

Posted on: September 29, 2011

I was cleaning out my purse and found an article from “Ask Amy” that I’ve been carrying around since July 25, 2010.  The column read as follows:

Dear Amy:  “Need Help in N.Y.” didn’t want to ask his parents to replace their out-dated baby equipment.  I was faced with this same issue.  We kept some baby equipment, thinking we would use this stuff for our grandkids.  We found out that the drop-side crib will soon be banned.  The car seats had expired.  We broke the crib and the car seat and made sure they were not usable.  If anything ever happened to our grandkids because of outdated equipment, I seriously doubt I could live another day.

If that grandma wants to preserve her antique baby stuff, she should stick it in a corner and put a doll in it, but don’t use it for her precious grandkids.  Grandma In Illinois

Dear Grandma:  Just becasue baby equipment has already served generations of a family doesn’t mean it is safe to continue to use.  I urge all caregivers to make sure their older baby equipjent is safe and in good repair.  Amy Dickinson

Amen.  Amen.   If you have any baby products stored in your basement from when your children were babies – get rid of them!  New crib standards mean that ANY crib that was manufactured  prior to June 2011 needs to be destroyed.  It no longer meets the current crib standards for safety.  Portable play yards are in the process now of having new standards created.

Destroy old baby eqiupment.  This recommendation isn’t because the manufacturers want you to spend more money.  It’s because products are improved over time.  Yes, I know that all your kids slept in that crib and they were just fine.  But, that just makes you lucky.  Is your crib painted with lead paint?  Do you even know?  Are the slats the correct width?  (The answer is no greater than a pop can.)  Does it have drop sides?  Get rid of it.  How about that infant mattress.  Do you know if there is mold inside?

Don’t be an old fuddy duddy that always thinks things “back in the day” were better. We had the best we could afford for our babies.  Don’t you want the same for your grandbaby?


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