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Fall is Here!

Posted on: September 8, 2011

The heat of the summer is over.  School has begun for the kids.  Mothers are scurrying around the house looking for jackets to ward off the early morning bus stop chill.  Here in the Midwest, the sky is an incredible crisp blue color.

In all this hustle and bustle, let’s not forget that fall is the peak period for sudden infant deaths.  Why?  Well, we’re not quite sure, but we have some ideas.  There are more germs coming home when big brother and sister go off to school.  But, we believe that it’s actually much more simple.  In a word – overbundling.

Overbundling – what’s that?  Simply putting too much clothing, blankets and coats on baby.  When the first winds of September blow, new mothers can be seen out walking with shorts and long sleeves while baby is buried under a pile of blankets.  I’ve even seen snowsuits on babies at 60 degrees.

Why are we so concerned that baby will catch a chill? Babies actually have very high metabolisms, that means they burn hot.  So, the advice from professionals is that you should dress baby as you are dressed.  Actually, it’s best to dress baby as Dad is dressed because Mom can still be a little hormonal from recent childbirth.

Baby will let you know if she is uncomfortable.  If baby is over heated, she will have damp hair, red checks and generally look sweaty.  To check a baby’s temperature – not sick temperature but comfort temperature never check hands or feet.  Check the side of babies neck or her tummy.  Babies hands and feet will usually feel cool to the touch because the capillaries aren’t developed yet so the blood flow is not the same as adults.

Don’t forget that it is never a good idea to over baby’s face or head with blankets.  When baby comes indoors, he should never have a hat or blankets covering his head.

Overbundled Baby


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